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Document Management
by FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Increase the mobility and collaboration of your workforce with a dynamic document sharing environment, that not only boost productivity, 
increase connectivity, manage your documents effortlessly, reduce costs and also strengthen security.

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Working Folder

Cloud Document Management Service that leverage the Cloud for more efficient business.

Link With Multifunction Devices To Access Incoming Faxes And Scanned Data
FUJIFILM Business Innovation offers sophisticated linkage with multifunction devices. Use the Job Flow function on multifunction devices to automatically upload incoming faxes and scanned documents to Working Folder. The documents can also be printed out directly from multifunction devices without the need of a PC.

Enhance Usability With Docuworks Linkage
Increase usability of Working Folder by linking to DocuWorks. Folders are displayed hierarchically, and documents can be stored and downloaded with the drag and drop function. Thumbnail view of documents simplify operation and enhance usability.

Accessible From Computers And Mobile Devices
Working Folder can be accessed via the internet from Windows and Mac PCs when at home, or mobile devices when on the go. This enables quick document sharing whenever you need.

Low Startup Costs. Reduced Maintenance Fees
Working Folder Cloud Service is available for a fixed monthly fee. Startup costs and operation fees are relatively low, since the service requires no special equipment such as dedicated servers or NAS (Network Attached Storage). Furthermore, there is no need to appoint a system administrator.

Highly Secure And Reliable Operation
Working Folder adopts Amazon Web Services*1 as the service platform which is built and operated in the Asia Pacific Region. All the networks, servers and storage devices feature redundancy configurations. Customer data is securely protected by SSL communication and encrypted storage. By using multiple data centers, Working Folder service places high importance on business continuities.


Cloud Service Hub services


ApeosWiz Cloud Hub takes working in the cloud to the next level. It helps businesses already in the cloud make their day-to-day operations even more efficient by offering a user-friendly, secure and seamless scan-store-print workflow.


Collaborate better

Team members can conveniently upload content by scanning it from any FUJIFILM Business Innovation multifunction device in real time, and store up-to-date copies in the shared folder for each other to access.

Retrieve files in a snap

ApeosWiz Cloud Hub supports the world's most popular cloud services such as FUJIFILM Business Innovation's Working Folder, Box®, Dropbox®, Evernote®, Google DriveTM, OneDrive / OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. This means that you can access multiple cloud platforms through a single sign-on, as well as scan and print data to and from these cloud services.

Print on the go

ApeosWiz Cloud Hub offers users the ability to print remotely, such as accessing the cloud folder and hit "print" without any computer. You can also use ApeosWiz Cloud Hub to print directly to any FUJIFILM Business Innovation multifunction device or conveniently print from the cloud via FUJIFILM Business Innovation Print Utility* to any FUJIFILM Business Innovation devices connected in the network.

Note: Need for Mobile which has been installed Print Utility under same network as FUJIFILM Business Innovation Devices. * Need for Print Utility for iOS 2.1 or later, Print Utility for Android 2.1 or later.  

Save time on converting files

Before sending your documents, pictures and data to print, ApeosWiz Cloud Hub automatically converts different file formats into PDF files so you don't have to go the extra step. A wide range of file formats - Microsoft Office, DocuWorks, TIFF and JPEG files are supported.

Enjoy high-level data security

With ApeosWiz Cloud Hub, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe. Data transmission is highly secure, and cloud storage is protected by an SSL certificate, SSL encryption and data centre security compliance.


Cloud-on-Demand Print

Using cloud service on the Internet enables you to print on a multifunction device at your destination.

You want to print documents at your destination but you risk data loss with a USB, and constantly installing printer drivers on your PC is a nuisance.


ApeosWiz Cloud ODP solves these problems. Upload your documents from your PC or mobile device to the cloud server and print on demand on a multifunction device at your destination using your ID and password. You can print the necessary documents easily and securely without worrying about data loss or specific drivers.

  1. Linkage with Cloud Services - Transfer and print documents stored in external cloud services

  2. Upload data easily from PC or mobile device - Upload documents to the cloud server from your PC, smartphone or tablet

  3. Print data securely at your destination - From a ApeosWiz Cloud ODP-enabled multifunction device, log in to the cloud server and print stored documents

For more detail information, contact us for a sales presentation.

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